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Heart of a Wolf


Heart of a Wolf

Wolves of Desire 6



AVAILABLE: Monday, March 13th

Damien was tortured for five long years and—years later—he still hasn’t dealt with what happened to him. When he and Cage race to rescue a human under attack, Damien realizes that Owen is his mate. Not even a day later, Jace walks into his life, and Damien fights the pull, convinced that he isn’t sane enough to be loved.

Owen’s life takes a turn for the worse when his roommate beats him up over and over again because he refuses to work at Ernest’s brothel. Worse, Ernest just sold Owen to a rich investor, and Owen fights not to be taken.

Jace was kicked out when his father found out he was gay. He stumbles into a coffee shop and discovers both his mates. He has to do some quick talking after both Owen and Damien race away from him.

Who ever said mating was easy?

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