MY REVIEW: Heart of Darkness By Angello Adrien


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TITLE: Heart Of Darkness

AUTHOR: Angello Adrien
SERIES:  A Valentino Celestine Mystery
GENRE: M/M Vampires
LENGTH 390 pages
RELEASE DATE:  January 31, 2017


Valentino Celestine, private detective and Human Consort, is going through some changes in his life. His best friend and Guardian is leaving Philadelphia to become the new faery queen, and her replacement is a vampire named Aladar, who Valentino loathes. In spite of his feelings toward Aladar, Valentino finds himself becoming close to the hot were-puma, Robert, who’s one of Aladar’s guards.
Strange murders suddenly begin occurring around the city, and as the body count starts to rise, Valentino must use his wits and powers to find the murderer—or murderers—before it’s too late.
Between seduction and desire, light and darkness, a high price will be paid…a cost Valentino may never recover from. *************************************************************************************

This is my first read by this author. I have to say that I was not disappointed at all. You are drawn into the story. You meet some wonderful and developed characters. You see what they will do when they are under pressure and what they will so for a little bit of happiness. Can’t wait to read more story from this author. Recommend this book

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