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MY REVIEW: Warrior Awakening By Emma Alisyn



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TITLE: Warrior Awakening

AUTHOR: Emma Alisyn
SERIES:  Archan’s of Ailaut
GENRE: Science Fiction
Print Length: 162 pages
Publication Date: January 31, 2017

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She alone can temper his violent power… but can he find sanity in time to save her from her dark past?


As he wakes from a years long Sleep under the sea, Ishaiq’s wild power threatens to destroy the island he rules. One human woman soothes his rage and seduces him back to sanity.


An insane Archan can level a city. Ishaiq can destroy the world.


But his soft-spoken human isn’t just another off-worlder from Earth, Abella is the heiress to a powerful family and large fortune her politician brother-in-law needs to fund his ambitions.


He’s willing to kidnap Abella to take what is rightfully hers- he’s willing to kill. Abella needs Ishaiq as much as he needs her… and there isn’t much time before they must choose whether to live together…. or die apart..


If you are looking for wonderful action pack sci fi out of this world story, then this is one for you to read. We meet two characters that are so different in many things but also alike in one that they just want the drama to stop in their lives so they can live in peace.  Abella leaves her home planet to get away from family drama, when she arrives on new beautiful world. She see that maybe she can find little peace for herself until she meets Ishaiq. Ishaiq is very rudely awakening and told has limited time to find a mate or lose all. When these two meet, the chemistry is slow burning, can Abella help Ishaiq with all his powers? The struggle and battles they face from many corners that want them under their control. Recommend this wonderful start of new series

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