An Unexpected Love Story


An Unexpected Love Story

Nehalem Pack 36

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AVAILABLE: Wednesday, March 22nd

For five long years, Dawson Ingram has plotted his revenged against Wyatt Siefert. He has scars from the man that will never go away, and he wants to make him pay. But all the planning in the world couldn’t have prepared Dawson for the knowledge that Wyatt is his fated mate. Finding a mate was something Dawson never expected and how can he love someone he’s hated for so long?

The pressure of going away to college and the fear of letting his family down has Wyatt tied up in knots. Sure he’s the hometown basketball star but will it be enough once he’s in college? Wyatt doesn’t know and is starting to question all the choices he’s made. Maybe a change wouldn’t be so bad. While out for a midnight run, Wyatt is attacked and his freedom is snatched away, but when he wakes up Wyatt can’t really see a downside to being Dawson’s prisoner.

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