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MY REVIEW: Love at First Sit

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TITLE: Love at First Sit

AUTHOR: Ysa Arcangel

GENRE: Romance
Print Length: 187 Pages
Publication Date: October 15, 2016



Roxanne Mabini, a twenty-five-year-old single mother of twins, joined a speed-dating event just for fun and to get “speed-dating” checked off her bucket list. She wasn’t looking for anything.

…Until the devastatingly handsome bartender, Aloysius “Wish” Gregorio, stepped up to fill in for the lack of male participants, mesmerizing Roxanne. Literally, he was every girl’s wish.

Finally, she’s met a man who shares her interests. But will a girl whose heart has been shred to pieces learn to trust and love again?

When Roxanne’s first love and the father of her children, Chris, drops back into her life, old flames reignite. Chris has been waiting for the right time ever since he was forced to leave her, and now he aims to win her back.

Will the chemistry and powerful connection between Roxanne and Wish be strong enough to fight the old flame that is once again burning bright?

Roxanne must make a big decision: provide a complete family to her children, or share her life with her heart’s desire. Will she find love, lose it, or know when to walk away?



This story has a lot of twist and turns of relationship. You get to see the good and bad of having a relationship with a single mother. Wish is a guy that is falling for Roxanne until things start to get to hot and runs. Roxanne is a single mother and starts to fall fast for Wish and then all stop. You can feel the steamy chemistry between these two and what will make them fall apart quickly. You will go through some many emotions in this story with Roxanne and Wish. I highly recommend this book.

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