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SciFi Cyberpunk Tales Trilogy: The SciFi Dystopian Thriller Suspense Occult Romance Complete Series (Books 1-3)



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TITLE: SciFi Cyberpunk Tales Trilogy: The SciFi Dystopian Thriller Suspense Occult Romance Complete Series (Books 1-3)


AUTHOR: Ashley L Hunt

GENRE: Cyberpunk
Print Length: 2074 pages
Publication Date: March 9, 2017


“Cyberpunk Tales” Series – Discover NOW The New SciFi Dystopian Thriller Suspense Occult Romance Series by Ashley L. Hunt and Jordanna R, Forrest

Excting – Adventurous – Engaging – Hot – Steamy

Book 1: Looking Death In The Eye

Vivian Hsu, a psychic mercenary with a fierce temper, is barely making ends meet down in the dark slums of the Columbia Sprawl. When a mysterious death compels her to investigate, she finds herself embroiled in the midst of a corporate conspiracy that threatens to leave her dead in the street.

Forced to rely on any help she can find, Vivian discovers an unlikely ally in the darkness- the startlingly powerful hazardous materials specialist, Yakov Berkowitz.

With the full might of a ruthless corporation aimed at her, can Vivian separate the truth from the lies before it is too late?
Who should she trust in a world of constant surveillance and betrayal? What frightening secrets lurk behind Yakov’s intriguing eyes?

Book 2: Making Death Blink First

Faced with three nearly impossible tasks, Vivian Hsu decides to tackle her most challenging job first- the infiltration of a secret corporate blacksite.

Her biggest problem? She doesn’t know where it is.

Furious at Yakov for his betrayal of her trust, Vivian must seek new allies where she can find them, and find a lead she can follow that might point her to the truth.

Caught between a vicious genetics corporation and a rebel cabal, will Vivian triumph in her quest for justice? What ulterior motives might her allies be hiding in their hearts? Can Vivian ever trust Yakov again?

Book 3: Doing The Impossible

Trapped in the heart of a corporate blacksite, Vivian Hsu finds herself caught between making a deal with the devil or surrendering to a dark and horrible fate.

When it comes to her psionic powers, Vivian is in sore need of guidance- but as she is learning, no power comes without its price.
As corporate plots and ancient powers collide, Vivian must prepare to face her ultimate foe, the superpowered monster known as Gamma-Five.

Can Vivian hope to stand in the face of such monumental adversity? What secrets are her own allies hiding from her? Can she pay the price demanded of her in exchange for the truth?

Readers should be 18 and over due to mature situations and language.



This was wonderful SciFi Dystopian Cyberpunk stories. We are taken through journey with Red Viper as merc. These stories have a lot fast action pack and will keep you hang in. will see what all the consequence that can happen with a small event. Recommend this book set will totally enjoy

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