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An Alpha of a Risk


An Alpha of a Risk

Mate for Sale 4

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AVAILABLE: Friday, March 24th


Bruin is now an alpha shifter after defeating the alpha who had been harassing his pregnant mate. Now, he has to deal with the instincts that come with that change, as well as the coming birth of his pups, a birth that puts the lives of all humans who carries shifter children in danger. Bruin can’t bear the thought of his mate dying to bring their pups into the world, but he might have a plan for that.

Soren has put his career as a doctor on hold to carry Bruin’s pups. At first it was an arrangement for money, but now, in love with his mate, he and Bruin are as committed as ever. The problem is Bruin’s fear that Soren will die in the birthing, and his sudden distance from Soren. A distance that has Soren feeling more alone than he’s ever felt in his entire life.


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