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Land of the Brave: Forbidden Spice


Land of the Brave: Forbidden Spice



AVAILABLE: Monday, April 3rd


Four Comanche braves and wolf shifters Chatan, Maska, Kata, and Dustu capture feisty blonde bombshell Mary Spice, after she trespasses through their territory. For Mary, that’s the good news, since they happen to be her mates. Not one to miss an opportunity, she is thrown into a world of love, passion–and danger. America is progressing, and progress means there’s no room for Native Americans to run wild and free. The buffalo are gone, and their way of life is over…it’s time to find a new way.

Setting off from their territory in the Southwest, she and her mates make a trek to a new homeland, guided by the spirits of her mates’ ancestors. Her alpha, Chatan, leads the way, followed by an old nemesis, a psychotic Arapaho Squaw with a grudge, and a troop of US cavalry. Their trek attracts attention, and they start a new tribe.

Nothing will be the same again.

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