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Zeus’s Pack 12


Cameron is struggling with what was done to him by a low-life Hunter. Etienne is evil incarnate, and he will stop at nothing to get Cameron back. When Taz and Emrick enter his life, Cameron is forced to face a reality he never knew existed.

When Taz runs into Emrick in the bathroom at Beans and Buns, things heat up. Taz also knows the slim barista is his mate, but the human doesn’t seem to want anything to do with him. However, Taz is determined to convince Cameron that they are fated to be together.

Emrick works for a scumbag demon. He leaves for a few hours to find someone he can have a little fun with, unaware that he’s about to run into both of his mates.

Taz takes things in stride, but Cameron takes off and it’s up to Emrick and Taz to keep their human mate from running into danger—a danger that just might reveal to the world that nonhumans exist.