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“The trilogy was phenomenal, the writing exquisite and I cannot impress enough on how much each book just gets better and better”

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Dirty Princess

Title: Dirty Princes: A Standalone MMF Romantic Comedy
Author: Jo Raven 
Genre: Menage Romance 

Once upon a time, there lived a princess called Brylee who had a cat and a steady job and her eye on a handsome prince.
But Prince Ryan refused to put out. So she baked cookies and buttered muffins, without any double meaning whatsoever, and saved her cherry for her prince.
Who was being difficult and not following the damn script.
Then Riddick walked through the door and ate her cookie.
Literally, okay? It was a good cookie, too, with chocolate chip.
Riddick is drop-dead gorgeous, but not a prince. Regardless, Brylee can’t fight that burning attraction.
Even when Ryan does a turn-about and starts showing interest in her, after all this time.
This isn’t how things were supposed to happen. She was supposed to get a prince, not get caught between a hot prince and a hunky pauper.
Come on.
Especially not when said prince and pauper can’t stand each other.
Brylee isn’t above letting two men fight for her. That’s the essence of a good fairytale, right? A fight, a winner, a grand wedding and a happily ever after.
It’s fine. After all, she doesn’t want them both.
At the same time. In her bed. Like, ever.
“Oh God,” Ryan whispers with awe in his voice. “That makes me…” “…so horny,” Riddick finishes huskily. “Such dirty words coming out of such a pretty, prim little mouth. Which one of us do you want first, Cupcake? Who’s gonna tap that sweet body first?”





Jo Raven is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, best known for her series Inked Brotherhood and Damage Control. She writes edgy, contemporary New Adult romance with sexy bad boys and strong-willed heroines. She writes about MME fighters and tattoo artists, dark pasts that bleed into the present, loyalty and raw emotion. Add to that breathtaking suspense, super-hot sex scenes and a happy ending, and you have a Jo Raven® story.

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Spotlight for Lynn Michaels

Apr 1 Lynn Michaels

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🌹 Lynn Michaels 🌹

About Lynn Michaels
Lynn Michaels lives and writes in Tampa, Florida where the sun is hot and the Sangria is cold. Lynn is the newest addition to Rubicon Fiction, and she loves reading and writing about hot men in love.

Latest Book Name *
Holeshot 2

Blurb *
When the race is everything, can love be the best reward? In the world of Supercross, taking the holeshot means one racer leaps ahead of the crowd and into first, leaving the rest of the pack behind. Supercross racer, Tate Jordan, wants to take his holeshot on and off the track, but no one else seems to cooperate. His love life is in turmoil and his sponsors don’t expect him to win. Will Tate find someone new to love and a team that believes in him? Pilot Mahan is a bodyguard and a street fighter looking to build a future, but his plans get derailed when a Supercross racer catches his eye. Can he make a go at a life with Tate Jordan, on the road? Bryce Nickel is new to Supercross and adulthood. He’s young and fun, but super serious about what he wants. And what he wants is to win races and Tate Jordan. Will he be able to take his holeshot or will the big Apex bodyguard get in the way? Or perhaps, the three can make a compromise? A super sexy MMM romance set in the Supercross industry – 18+ please

Buy Links *
On Amazon:…/…/B06XVKB463

List of Book Written *
The Holeshot, Holeshot 2, Evasive Maneuvers, Wanton, Lines on the Mirror

So, what have you written? *
MM Romance contemporary novels and a few fantasy/prn novellas.

How many books to your series? (if it is a series) *
So far 2
Do you think that giving books away free works and why? *
Yes, it helps build interest and create excitement. Plus, if people like the free one, they are more likely to purchase other titles.

How has your writing evolved since your first book? *
That’s a tough question. I think writing does evolve continuously, but it’s not always easy to nail down or explain. I continue to write what I love, what comes from the heart, and hope others will like it too.

Is there a certain type of scene that’s harder for you to write than any others? Love? Action? Romance? Tragedy? *
Sex. I’m generally a more reserved person in real life and sometimes it is a bit harder to get those sexy bits on the paper.

What do you think makes your book stand out from the crowd? *
The Holeshot series stands out because it’s set in the Supercross industry for starters, but also because that industry has very young people in it. My characters have to be young as well and they are, young and fun, but also with a very adult, serious side. These are very fun books for sure.

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Bite: Claiming his Mate


BITE: Claiming His Mate (A Mate Of His Own Book 2)


Hellagor’s Flame


Coming next week from Phoenix Hell.

Hellagor’s Flame

Meet Hellagor, he’s a Sprite-Witch hybrid plus he’s a Prince, just like his fathers’. His grandmother is Queen of the Sprites. He had told his friends that he was crushing on a porn star. They spilled the secret to all forms of social media.

Meet Flame Nature: Porn Star Extraordinare. He learns about Hellagor’s crush. After being kidnapped by a group of rogue soldiers, found by an irritated Hellagor and then healed by a Goddess, the Sprite hybrid accidentally unleashes his powers and those of his friends that came to rescue Flame after unleashing his fury on the rogue soldiers.

Can the porn stars grasp what has happened to them? Will Flame accept Hellagor as a lover? Will they ever end up happily ever after?

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Savage Angels Series Sale



Savage Lover #99c Publiversary Sale

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Savage Stalker – Book #1

Savage Angels MC series by Kathleen Kelly




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Savage Lover – Book #4






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Savage Sacrifice – Book #5







Savage Rebel – Book #6






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Stoking the Flames


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Stoking the Flames
13 Authors, 13 New Stories

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Surrender to the Desire…
Embrace your Destiny…
Soar with the Dragons…
Stoke the flames that 13 of your favorite NY Times, USA Today and International Bestselling authors have ignited with their fiery tales of the scorching passion that erupts when a dragon is united with their soul-mate




Soul Fire by Kelly Abell

Desired Revenge by  Solease M. Barner

Devon by Kathi S. Barton

On Wings of Time by Linda Boulanger

Dragonslayer, Dragon Heart by Isobelle Cate

Heart of a Dragon by L.J. Garland

Promised to A Dragon by Darlene Kuncytes

The Dragon’s Sacrifice by Andi Lawrencovna

Sadie’s Shadow by Julia Mills

I Dream of Dragons by Tricia Owens

Fire and Ice by Kate Richards

Curse of the Dragon’s Eye by Kali Willows

Scorched Hearts by Victoria Zak

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Caden’s Command






Title: Caden’s Command

Series: Finding Submission #2

Author: Zoey Derrick | @ZoeyDerrick

Model: Christopher John

Cover Designer: Parajunkie Designs

Genre: MM Romance

Release Date: April 10

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Aryn “Beck” Becker has given into his deepest desire.

He’s submitted to the one man who can bring him to his knees, Caden Mitchell.

But things aren’t perfect.

Caden’s been away working on his latest project and Aryn is lonely. His loneliness incites thoughts of all the things he wants more of with Caden. But is Caden willing to give him more?

With the secrets of their pasts revealed, Aryn worries Caden has already given his heart away forever.

Then Caden returns and everything changes.

Can Aryn live with Caden’s command when he wants so much more from him? Will Aryn and Caden find love and happiness to last a lifetime or will their individual desires pull them apart?


Aryn’s Desire

Only 99¢ for a #LimitedTime

New Release

Nuts About You

Nuts About You Ebook.jpg

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The #NutsAboutYou charity anthology is #OutNow
On #Sale for 60 days only!!!
260k words, 17 stories all for #99p #99pennies #99cents
All profits will benefit The Male Cancer Awareness Campaign and Worldwide Cancer Research.
This anthology includes stories from these amazing authors –
S.E. Hall, Ashley Suzanne Author, Tess Oliver, Skye Turner: Author, S M Phillips, Jade C. Jamison, Jamie Lake, J. A Melville – Author, T A McKay Author, Don Abdul, Xavier Neal, Esther E. Schmidt, Amy L. Gale, T.S. Irons, Xana Jordan, Author t. h. snyder and Michelle Rene
There is something for everyone in this romance anthology, including comedy, contemporary, MC, M/M, erotica, BDSM and more.
It’s not for the faint hearted.
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