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❄❄ Whitewash is NOW LIVE ❄
Are you ready for Reef and Ford’s heart melting finale?
Grab your copy of Whitewash (Unexpected #3) by Ann Grech today!
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An unexpected love worth fighting for…
Pro snowboarder, Reef Reed, is on the precipice. His chance of winning the world championship is within reach. But he’s navigating a treacherous path, one which is full of incredible highs and soul-crushing lows. Crippling stress, insurmountable distances between him and his boyfriend, jealousy, and illness threaten everything he’s worked for. His relationship with Ford is tested in ways Reef couldn’t have fathomed.
Ford Wallace will do anything within his power to help his man soar high and achieve his dreams. But the season has been hard on both of them; watching all Reef’s hard work unravel from afar is unbearable for the healer at heart. So he fights—they both do—for their happiness and love, and they emerge on the other side stronger than ever before.
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