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Trusting the Surface



Trusting the Surface by Dominique Laura (writing as Rosie C.)
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Release date: April 6, 2017
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Seventeen-year-old Jenna can’t take back what she did five years ago. No one will let her forget it. While battling anxiety, self-harm, and a hostile home environment, surviving is nearly impossible. That is until she meets Trevor. He’s the school’s new jock with attractive dark looks and a charming personality. A relationship was something she never planned on, but a relationship is what she gets. Trevor changes everything. She has secrets and scars that she’s only ever shared with one other person, her best friend Courtney, and sharing those with Trevor might just prove to be the hardest thing she’s ever done. But Trevor has secrets of his own, and once they’re revealed there’s no taking them back. Will Jenna give into the darkness and lose what’s left of herself? Or will she give into love, and finally live?

Note: Some scenes may be triggering to those who are struggling or have struggled with mental health or abuse

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Cover design: Liv’s Lovely Designs

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