Falling for Tripp (MM) by Jo Penn


Falling for Tripp (MM) by Jo Penn is now available for pre-order at BookStrand.com. http://www.jo-penn.com/
Falling for Tripp (MM) by Jo Penn Milson Valley 7
Siren-BookStrand, Inc.
Heat Rating: SCORCHING
Word Count: 40,329
Alternative (M/M, Gay) Contemporary Paranormal Romantic Suspense Shape-shifter
Available Formats PDF HTML Mobi ePub
AVAILABLE: Wednesday, April 19th
After a reasonably bad first meeting where his mate literally shudders in dislike, Tripp Croggen actually finds himself liking the slightly bad tempered human fate chose as his.
While Eddie Nelson might have a few issues regarding paranormals, he agrees to give Tripp time to show him that creatures are not so different from humans when it comes to the fundamentals in life, that they both just want love, respect, and happiness. The more he learns about Eddie, the more Tripp sees beneath the slight bitterness to who the human really is: smart, passionate, and caring. Eddie has a dry sense of humor, goals he works towards, and he keeps Tripp fascinated. In fact, Tripp couldn’t ask for more in a mate.
Now, he just has to convince Eddie that they are perfect for each other…before the person they didn’t even know was after them attacks.

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