Stood Up (Billionaire Up #1) by Ryan Michele


Stood Up Live Square.jpg
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Stood Up (Billionaire Up #1) by Ryan Michele
Kobo: Coming Soon
Blind dates are hell. Why did I agree to this?
The question doesn’t matter. He stood me up.
Yes, stood up.
Well, I’m a woman who won’t be held back. Nice restaurant, all dressed up, time to enjoy my night even without a man.
Then Mason Dean happens.
One night is all I decide I will give him. Mason has other ideas.
I’m finding … I may like them.
**This is a hot read about an alpha male billionaire and a woman who was stood up by a fool. It’s insta-lust, insta-love, and insta-together. It’s a fun, fast, hot read sure to get you nice and warm.**

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