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Belinda Burke


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Belinda Burke


I am author, storyteller, poet – property of one cat, perpetual insomniac, and resident of the New England coast of the United States! In my spare time I read anything I can get my hands on, and spend far too much time writing smut!

I’m currently writing for Totally Bound/Pride Publishing,and fulfilling my primary dream of authoring my own books after many years of reading. I welcome reviews, comments, critique, suggestions and even just friendly messages with no purpose, so don’t be shy!

You can find a guide to my series’, new releases, and upcoming works at my website,

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MALE DELIVERY, School for Monsters Book 1: Free from May 5th-9th
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Blurb: The dog-man is having serious difficulties. His new school job should be easy enough – all he has to do is go down to the gate, and get the mail from the postman. The trouble is that his first morning on the job, he pounced the postman, and now he isn’t sure how to convince the man to stop running away. Michael – the mailman – isn’t paid enough to get pounced on by strangers. Not even gorgeous, well-muscled strangers he would usually be eager to have in his bed. The dog-man, who he comes to know as Damian, is obviously eager to please, but he isn’t sure the man who jumped him at first sight can be trusted. Maybe if Damian gets on his knees, it will be a different story…


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