Bre Meli

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Bre Meli

Mother of two boys and one beautiful granddaughter. I have loved reading amazing stories and writing all of my life. Poetry, short stories, cool little notes, keeping journals. Music is the blood that runs through my veins. It keeps me going, helps me stay centered. Finally being able to follow my dreams of putting on pages all the ideas that run through my head. Love to laugh, spend time with my family and have that special alone time that every mother dreams of. Connecting with others that have a love for reading and writing one of my great joys (besides my one true love, my granddaughter).

Remember, ‘There is always pleasure in pain.’

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She’s Percys’ Girl: A Step Romance (The Step Series Book 1)

Hadley had it all figured out. Just promoted to her perfect job, marrying the perfect man and friends she adores. Having one last blast before her wedding, Hadley makes the biggest mistake of her life. She goes home with the man that lit a fire within her soul. Never learning his name, she runs from his bed before he wakes.

Percy Is perfect. Working since he was a young man to thrive and become one of the wealthiest men in the world. After chasing Hadley for years, Percy finally attained the woman he wanted to make his wife. Knowing she must have a wild side, he forgives her for her one night stand and makes her his bride. Having to travel for his work puts a strain on the newlyweds. They stand firm together…… they want to believe.

Maxon, self-proclaimed ladies man, did not expect an angel to walk into that club. He would do anything to make her his for the night. Tending to her every desire to ensure that she will be his for the whole evening. That rock on her finger makes her easy prey. No morning after issues. Pump-n-dump, the only way to live. Waking the next morning to an empty bed, Maxon celebrates not having the awkward morning after talk. She will not be the clingy type that thinks a new relationship is budding from their one night of passion.

What Maxon did not realize is he is the one feeling empty. She invades his thoughts, his dreams, every part of his life. How can he find the woman with no name? New York is a big city. She has awoken something in him that he never wanted to feel. She will never be his. Trying to forget her and move on to the next. It is not as easy as he thought.

He finally finds her. The woman that makes him want to be a better man. The woman that he wants in his arms for all of the eternity. He watches as she walks down the aisle in her beautiful gown, looking like the angel he met that night. Only she is not marrying him. She is about to marry……

……..his Dad.’s Percy’s Girl…
Book 1 in The Step Series

What if your one night stand turned into an obsession? Changing your whole view on love, relationships and all that crap…. Maxon Morgan found out just that.

But, in his search to find that girl he shared one lustful night with comes to a close as he watches her walk down the aisle to marry…..

……..his Dad.

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Keep your eyes open for book 2 coming soon!! Going to Make Her Mine.


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