K.A Duggsy


This weekend #Author Shout-Out we have with us
K A Duggsy
K A Duggsy was born in Cardiff, Uk and is a mum of 3. She loves to read romance, regardless of the sub genre, but she does prefer a HEA. Her biggest passion is reading, followed closely by writing. She alternates between the two, and her long-suffering children and partner frequently get ignored while she does so.
Her love of writing started with poetry and she had some works published.
Today, Tomorrow, Forever was her first novella, followed by Today, Tomorrow, Forever. Carey’s Revenge. K A enjoys writing about strong women and the men who love them with a healthy dose of suspense and action thrown in.
Her first full length novel Advance (Advance Industries #1) was released in february 2016 in a genre she never thought she’d attempt.
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Advance: (Advance Industries) (Book 1)
The first book in a dystopian romance trilogy.
“Time is something we can’t control. We may think we have plenty of it but it ticks past so quickly, before we know it, its run out.”
I never knew I needed saving until he came for me. This stranger who removes me from all I’ve ever known. Hinting at secrets I should be aware of but can’t fathom. I’m caught up in something… something huge or so he says, yet he refuses to tell me. Memories have been discarded and he begs for me to fight for them … to remember him… to remember us.
To remember the life I’m living, the life I’m apparently going through the motions with, just isn’t the truth. The truth hurts and therefore is easier to numb, to submerge myself in forgetfulness. But my life isn’t the only one at stake and for that reason alone I have to seek the truth in all it’s heartbreak, in all the confusing turmoil. I have to find the answers and only one place can give them all…
Advance Industries.
This is the first book in a trilogy. If you are allergic to over the top mushiness or cannot stomach excessive bad language, this book isn’t for you.
“The books in this trilogy absolutely blew me away.” – Clare’s mad about books
“Just when you think this series can’t get any better, K.A. Duggsy brings us Hope and Callan.” – LBM book blog
“This series is one that I know I’ll read again and again.” – Brandi (Saints and sinners books)
The first one is FREE!
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