Nora Jones


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Nora Jones

Qualified teacher and Masters student of Education by day, writer of fiction by night. Nora is a self-published, lesbian author who has written her first book: Familiarus: Light and Dark.
When she is not writing, she is a teacher in the further education sector. Nora was not always academic and has worked hard to obtain two bachelor degrees, a teaching diploma and currently working on her masters.
She’s a firm believer in equality and hope that one day, there shouldn’t be the need to ‘come out’. Love is love.


Check this wonderful story out, fell in love with the characters  and it is also on KU

Familiarus: Light and Dark

Spiritual familiars have existed since the beginning of time. Familiarus are those who have died and have performed a pure act or acts of selflessness to be reborn into a spiritual being, who serve and protect their charges until they are no longer needed. Despite Cameron’s shady past, his good deed enables him to be reborn into a Familiarus and go on a journey of self-discovery of his sexuality and his own supernatural abilities. However, someone is targeting the familiar’s charges through a series of ritualistic killings. It’s only a matter of time before the killer strikes again. Can Cameron protect his charge from the same fate?

Five stars: “Wow talk about a book with a never ending amount of twist and turns…Truly exciting read…The ending alone blew me away…Amazing start to an exciting series. Full of intrigue, mystery, suspense and betrayal. Great read.”- Gay Book Reviews. Five stars: “Entertaining, exciting, has depth and shows you a world from a new point of view. I would recommend it to everyone who either likes crime or fantasy or gay romance. If someone likes all of those, this book is just perfect!!” – Dennis, Goodreads reviewer. Five stars: “Enjoyed the mystery…a love story which left it to the imagination of the reader, which was refreshing…Can’t wait for the sequel.” – Marie, Goodreads reviewer. Five stars: “…An amazing fantasy book…The romance between Felix and Cameron was touching and funny, I can’t wait for the sequel as the cliff hanger was a shocker, great read in the shape shifting genre…Whether straight or gay, made an amazing romance and I found myself championing both and hoping they get their happy ever after.” – Jade, Goodreads reviewer. Five stars: “Really enjoyed this book. A great read with a shocking end and epilogue. I was surprised by the possession in the book. That freaked me out but overall it was good. Can’t wait to read the next instalment.” – Amanda, Goodreads reviewer.

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