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Randi Luxe

Randi Luxe has served the MM romance and erotica community for over five years in the form of graphic and branding design. She’s created book covers for over 200 titles and is excited to finally step into the world of publishing herself. A professional graphic designer by day and a reluctant author by night, she lives in the rural south with her supportive husband and one increasingly spoiled cat.

Her first series, The Gentleman’s Rentboy Service, is a weekly serial that began on April 15th, 2017.

You can find Randi Luxe online at http://www.RandiLuxe.com or on Facebook @RandiLuxeAuthor.

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Pleasing Peter: The Gentleman’s Rentboy Service 4 (Peter #1)

…He’s like no John I’ve ever had before…

Elias, my very first job under The Gentleman’s tutelage, throws me off from the start with his attractiveness, nice house, and sweet demeanor. I’m used to working the street corner, where none of those things apply.

…Pleasing him is going to be a tall order…

Then I’m told that my evening with Elias is supposed to be a cozy date, not the brisk, rough trade I’m used to. Having no idea how to provide Elias with a the experience he wants, I try convincing him to enjoy my more polished skill sets.

…It’d be easier if he just pushed me to my knees…

But Elias won’t be swayed. He wants dinner, a movie, wine, and lovemaking. Throughout our evening, I learn a lot about Elias, but even more about myself. It’ll take a lot of guidance from The Gentleman for Peter to learn the careful art of getting Pleased.

“Pleasing Peter” is the fourth installment of The Gentleman’s Rentboy Service and features bare MM, a hot viking guy, a very unsure newbie, a lot of patience, and a sacredness that isn’t taken for granted.

The Gentleman’s Rentboy Service is a series of five weekly novelettes, each following a steamy evening with one of The Gentleman’s boys. These five capricious twinks are eager to please the big, wealthy alpha males who can afford their time.




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