Margie Eileen Jones


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Margie Eileen Jones

Margie Eileen Jones was born August 16th 1972 in Granger, Utah. She lived in Utah moving back and forth from Salt Lake City, Taylorsville, Murray, and Tooele, Utah.

She graduated from Cottonwood High School in 1991. Later she joined the Navy Reserves on September 24th, 2002 and transferred to active duty in 2004. Before she was honorably discharged in July of 2008 she attended classes at the American Intercontinental University Online and Corning Community College in Corning, NY.

Later, after the Navy, Margie attended the College of Southern Nevada and is currently attending Grand Canyon University to get her bachelors in English and Professional Writing.

Margie has been a writer since age 5 and throughout the years have tried to improve her writing skills. Margie is an author of LGBTQ literature and is hoping to become an editor and writing coach for one of the publishing companies hopefully in the LGBTQ communities since that is her main genre of writing.

She has traveled the entire United States and parts of Canada with both the Navy and the Wesley Bell Ringers, a Methodist church group that performed all over the United States and Canada. Her favorite place was New Orleans, Louisiana which someday I hope to buy a home there to live permanently in the Garden District.

In the Navy, Margie was stationed at Fort Douglas Naval Reserve Base in Salt Lake City, Utah, Horseheads Naval Reserve Base in Elmira, NY and at China Lake Naval Base in Ridgecrest, CA. Now she lives in Mesquite, Nevada. She also lived in Las Vegas for a short time.

Margie’s Mother works at the Hospital in Mesquite and they bought a house together. Her son and niece live with them for now. Margie’s son, James, works for Walmart and her niece, Mary, works for Smith’s Food and Drug. She has three pets, her cat Sebastian, her Mom’s cat Gizmo, and her niece’s puppy Cali.

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The Demon and the Demonling: Volume 1 (The Demon Heart)

“Earl Calis Midnight was changed at age 13 into a demon in the year 1888 and cannot grow or age physically due to this circumstance. His butler, Sebastian Black is over 3000 years old and is a beautiful creature who was tricked by Calis into being his demonic servant forever.
To Sebastian, Calis is a mere immortal child even when in human years he reaches the age 18 and after that point since Sebastian is ancient compared to the young Earl.
To be able to survive their long lives, the two demons must feed on the souls of humans and Sebastian must teach the young demonling how to live as a demon.
Being that they are demons, they experience emotions stronger than any human. Sebastian does not expect to fall for his young charge, but some things are difficult for a demon to resist.
As other nonhumans enter their lives, their world is turned upside down as reapers become friends and old rivals become family.
In their search for happily ever after, Sebastian and Calis must face challenges and sometimes even being stuck in a child’s body can make one grow in other much more wonderful ways.”


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