Kade & Cameron: Something About Him By A.D. Ellis- Author


Preorder only 99¢!
♂♂Kade & Cameron: Something About Him By A.D. Ellis- Author
Publication Date: June 15, 2017
Cameron Lewis is left reeling when his perfect life—two beautiful children, an adoring husband, and a house on the lake—is ripped apart by loss.
Kade Ramsey is living the American dream with a wife, two amazing children, and a comfortable job. But dreams are often only illusions, and Kade discovers his life isn’t all he thought it to be.
Kade and Cam have been friends for years. When their lives begin to fall apart, they turn to each other for support. Is friendship all they share? Or will their need for each other drive them down an unexpected path?
Warning: Do not read this series unless you enjoy sexy and emotional real-life characters and situations.
Bryan & Jase
Brody & Nick
Barrett & Ivan
Braeton & Drew
Ryker & Gavin
Kade & Cameron

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