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The Dentist and His Fox by AJ Jarrett


The Dentist and His Fox

Nehalem Pack 37


It’s the start of a brand new life for Reed Ingram. He’s just graduated dental school and is opening his own practice. With the encouragement of his brother and the Nehalem pack, he’s making a home in Silver Creek. Little does he know he’s about to find so much more than a place to set down roots.

Love doesn’t exist, and Dane Forum wants no part of it. He was raised by an absentee father and a mother who thought love meant controlling everything and everyone. Dane isn’t sure he believes that there is a mate out there for him…that is, until he walks into Dr. Ingram’s office. Dane’s life is flipped upside down and sent into a tailspin because now he’s feeling so many emotions and—dare he say it?—love.

Life is short, and love doesn’t come along often. Now, it’s up to Reed to prove to Dane that love is real and worth fighting for