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A Christmas For Eve by: Michael James


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Eve Thornton spends the holiday at her home in a small town in upstate New York. She is overworked at her job at Glazed Marketing and couldn’t take time off to go home to be with her family. When she ventures out to look at Christmas lights, she stops off and finds herself in a tree lot. When returning home a neighbor she did not know about is at her car wanting to help her with her tiny tree.
Kevin Steed is home for Christmas. He has been living in Los Angeles and is an MMA Fighter. When he plays street hockey with the neighborhood kids, he sees Eve, and he wants nothing more than to meet her. He goes over to her car when she runs back outside to get her Christmas tree and takes a chance. He invites her over for dinner with his family, when he comes back to Eve’s house to give her decorations for her tiny tree. He will not take no for an answer.
When Christmas morning comes what will Eve do? Will the gift of a fighter be the Christmas gift she did not know she wanted?

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