Avalon by Angela Lain


by Angela Lain
After a harrowing assault Jenna Mason had lost all trust in men.
Months after the event she visited Avalon Stud farm while seeking a stallion to breed her mare. Here she met the undeniably attractive Jay Armistead. The man looked the image of Hercules and behaved like a bad tempered hermit. Their first meeting ended in near violence after a misunderstanding, and Jenna fled, mortified by her actions. The following week she plucked up enough courage to return to apologise for her actions.
She wasn’t looking to get involved, particularly with such a volatile individual, but he needed help, and, against her better judgement, she stayed around.
Jay might have needed the help but he certainly didn’t want it! He had loved and lost, and as a result he had very nearly lost his livelihood and his sanity too. He wasn’t ready to take such a risk again.
Then he discovered her horrible little secret, and from there things exploded into a passionate affair that neither could control.
Could they finally help each other come to terms with their traumatic pasts?