Omega Father by James Wolfe


Omega Father
by James Wolfe
I may hate the guy, but he was undeniably hot.
Edward and Blaine have a sordid past. Though they were once best friends, Blaine betrayed Edward in a way that Edward cannot forgive. These days, Edward is unbearably lonely as he hunts for his fated mate and he sees Blaine as being responsible for that loneliness.
But years have passed and all Blaine wants to do is apologize to Edward. He has missed Edward desperately and would do anything to have him back in his life. And though Edward does not want to forgive him, there is a spark between them that cannot be denied. Regardless, Edward only sees Blaine as an obstacle in his search for his fated alpha mate. But could it be the strong, sexy alpha he’s been waiting for all his life is right in front of him?

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