Chade #MontanaAsh


#SharingisCaring #ShoutoutSunday
Chade #MontanaAsh
Book three in the Elemental Paladins series
“Okay…. that weekend I had off and I went up north? Well I got me some action.” She revealed, immediately receiving looks of wonder and censure. The wonder was easily interpreted as the desire for gossip, and the censure was no doubt due to the fact that she hadn’t volunteered the gossip before now.
“Action as in dance-floor- dry-humping action? Or action as in D-in-the V action?” Max asked immediately.
Cali grinned. Oh yeah, this is exactly what she needed. Why had she waited so long to share this? “Scenario number two.”
“What?” Max Squealed as Diana offered her a comradery punch to the arm. “I told you there was something different about you. It was post-orgasm haze.”

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