Paladin Book two in the Elemental Paladins series


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Book two in the Elemental Paladins series
Maybe it was time for Darius to be selfish for once. For him to think about what he wanted. Clearly, that’s what everyone else did.
And right now? Feeling Diana’s generous body aligned with his, her riotous curls under his palms? Darius wanted with a hunger he hadn’t known was possible. So he lowered his head and ….. plundered. He forced Diana’s mouth open with his own and pillaged the recesses of her mouth with his tongue. Her unique flavour exploded over his taste buds and he groaned harshly into Diana’s very willing mouth. She gave as good as she got, both of them fighting for dominance, which served to fuel his fire even more. She wasn’t going to be a meek participant and follow his lead like the women of his time. She was going to battle just as a warrior should.
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