⊱Quinn’s Longing: A Companion’s Tale. Book 2.⊰by Emily Jean


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⊱Quinn’s Longing: A Companion’s Tale. Book 2.⊰by Emily Jean
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Genre: M/M/M, fated mates, paranormal, erotica, action, adventure, and fantasy.
To live is to suffer, to love is to forgive.
After Quinn more or less obliterates an entire warlock city, his vampire mate, Raphael, rushes him back to his kingdom for aid. With Desmond captured and Quinn out of commission, Raph is forced to make the hardest decision of his life: to leave his companion mate and set off to destroy the warlock’s main city while it is still easy to conquer.
Alone and upset, Quinn wakes up to discover his mate is gone. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, he plunges deep into his warlock creator’s mind, and searches for answers that may or may not shatter his world: does Desmond plan to use Quinn’s body as he once intended, or has he decided to free him of that fate?
While Quinn still heals from the recent battle, he’s left at the mercy of the vampire king himself, where Quinn is led to believe he isn’t good enough for the vampire’s only son and heir. Not only is Quinn a companion, but he’s a male, and so to secure the royal family bloodline, his mate must be married by any means necessary.
Knocked unconscious and left to perish in the western woods, Quinn rouses only to discover a dark and deeply kept secret. Will he return back to the vampire’s main city, or will he choose to stay in the woods, longing for his mates?
This is the second book in the companion tale series. Continue to follow Quinn, Raphael, and Desmond as the dark forces of this unique paranormal world attempt to tear them apart. This trio of fated mates will stop at nothing to fight for their right to be together, even when the odds are heavily stacked against them.
Quinn’s Longing (A Companion’s Tale Book 2)

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