The DL Diaries


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The DL Diaries: Volume 1
by Adam Martinez
This book belongs to Cole
“Remember what brother and cousin would say,” Cynthia reminded me.
The curse, my brother and cousin told me all the time, it was something that the three of us had. Straight men wanted us, they had to have us, and they would do anything to get us. Some would see this as a gift and at this point of my life I did too.
In life we learn the men who would come into our lives may have other motives. Funny how in a time as today, you would think men would be comfortable with their sexuality. So why are there so many men on the Down Low? Or on the DL, as others would say. This has now become a game for some men. They want to be able to live their lives, but still fulfill that fantasy of being with a man. Is it just sex? Or do they secretly want more?
You will see that no matter the cost these men will cheat, lie, and sneak around just to have that moment. As time begins to pass the game becomes different, no longer just a hook up, or a conquest, but soon the heart will get involved.
“You just have to remember to have fun with these DL guys and never let them have your feelings.” Emmy would remind me.
You can’t call it love, but there is no other way to explain it.
“You know Cole,” Aubrey said “there may be a small, a very small chance something works out, I just don’t want you holding out for that.”
The DL Diaries takes you on a journey of different men and their different reasons to living life on the DL. Most times you will never know these men are living a double life, but in this diary we see that from coast to coast it’s all the same game, the same curse.
“So are these guys gay?” Gina asked more confused than I was.
Soon one man may come into your life and all guards will fall, but only time will tell if this can be anything more than just another chapter in the DL Diaries…..

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