Margie Eileen Jones Books On Sale


#HumpDay #WetWednesday
Margie Eileen Jones
I know I said I wasn’t going to do this until “Demon Wednesday”, but because it is “Threesome Tuesday” I did lower the price on all my books including the print books last night so from today until the 24th, everything that is not in a promotion status is marked down to 1.99 to 2.99 per ebook. Only two books which are still under KDP’s locked price due to the promotions they are under cannot be sold at this discount. Those two books are “The Hauntings of Bloody Blue” and the second edition copy of “The Demon and the Demonling”, which are 3.99 or free on Kindle Unlimited. All my books are available for Kindle Unlimited.
The print books are also all on sale. I am working on getting the second edition of “Vampires and Demon Angels” down to a more reasonable price so hopefully by tomorrow that will be down in price by a couple of dollars. The only book not going down in price is “An Immortal Love Never Dies” in paperback due to it is under Litfire publishing’s terms as far as price goes.
Here is the link to my books:
If you wish to buy all 7 ebook novels of The Demon Heart Series at a discounted rate, here is the link:
For the Love Everlasting Series, the discount includes 2 ebook novels for under 4 dollars. Here is the link:

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