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Claiming His Future By Aspen Grey

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❤ ❤ New release! Claiming His Future By Aspen Grey ❤ ❤
ALL books in the Scarlet Mountain Pack can be read as standalones!
Matias is “the boss” now.He’s the alpha. The pack leader, and he’s not quite used to it, but he’s working hard to become the leader he’s meant to be after taking over the pack from their last alpha, the cruel bastard that he was. He has omega refugees to care for, a camp to fix up, but most importantly, he needs a mate.
Chase is taken. He’s been claimed by an alpha, but not the one he really wants. Buck thinks he owns Chase, because he’s known him for years, but the spark just isn’t there, and Chase’s soul is searching for love.
One day, on a chance trip to the swimming hole, Matias sees a drop dead gorgeous omega standing at the top of the falls. One whiff of his scent, and Matias knows he’s the one. But the sweet omega slips, toppling over the waterfall into the water, and almost drowns.
Matias saves him, and as he looks into the beautiful omega’s eyes, he instantly knows – Chase is the one. But Buck is protective of what he thinks is his, and takes Chase away from him, forbidding Chase to ever see Matias again.
But Matias doesn’t give up easily. He sends one of his alphas to track Chase and discover where Buck is holding him. Then, he whisks him away, back to his camp for a night of unparalleled bliss.
But when Buck comes calling, a decision has to be made: Will he allow Chase to be taken away from him, or will he fight to protect what is his? The future father of his children – his fated mate…

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