Heart in a Box #AllySky


#ManCrushMonday #BookcrushMonday
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(¸.•´ (¸.•` Heart in a Box
Release Day – December 1
“I was the rock on which he crashed, until he no longer needed me. He had to walk away, to survive. I was unnecessary baggage, a weight that dragged him down. So he cut the rope, swam to shore and left me to drown.”
Elizabeth Heart never thought this could happen to her.
In love and pregnant, she found herself standing in front of all her wedding guests, announcing in a trembling voice that the ceremony was canceled.
The last time she saw Colin Young, her groom to be, he stood in their bedroom and kissed her goodbye. Now, the wedding was off and Colin gone.
Five years later, she is raising her daughter on her own, struggling with the expenses that threaten to drown her. Out of nowhere the man who broke her heart is back, and he has demands.
Lizzie had learned her painful lesson, and she has no intention of repeating her mistakes, but what if life has plans of their own?
Can we leave the past behind, can we forgive and get a second chance?

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