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Ranch Hands by Renny Abbas


Ranch Hands
by Renny Abbas
Brett Evans has been foreman for Reeves Ranch for fifteen years. He has seen a lot happen on one of Texas’ largest cattle ranches. Jesse Reeves, owner of Reeves Ranch, began taking prisoners from Dawson Penitentiary to work in exchange for sentence reductions. It’s Brett’s job to look the inmates over, check them out. And, from time to time, have private chats in “The Rendering Room,” a mysterious place the inmates discuss among themselves. Inmates go in this room with Brett one way, but come out radically altered from their experience in there.
One day, an inmate with light brown hair with blonde streaks and blue eyes grabs Brett’s attention. As time goes on, Brent becomes more and more enamored with this quiet, private man. But, will he be the ruin of Brett, and ultimately, Reeves Ranch?
Brett has to make a decision about the mysterious stranger, and also about his assistant foreman, Tommy Granger, who sees a disturbing change in Brett after he meets the man with the blue eyes, who ultimately set friend against friend in a final life and death battle for them both!