Running on the Edge Series

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Running On The Edge Box Set
By lisette Kristensen
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A murder mystery series that is raw, steamy, and gritty. It’s packed full of danger with wild twist and turns. Can Baleigh resist her past? Or does she finally ride or die?
Baleigh Burgess was trapped. Her world spun out of control the night her partner/lover was gunned down. Facing prison on trumped up drug charges, she was forced to go undercover to find the killer. She wasn’t prepared to face her suspects, her old biker gang, she once ran with back in the day.
Faced with her morals being comprised in proving her loyalty. Concealing her identity which if discovered was certain death. Baleigh lived on the edge and only grew darker when the man she fell in love in traveled to Las Vegas. It was to be a fresh start, but every where they turned betrayal lurked.
Running on the Edge takes you on a taut, dark murder mystery, where everyone is a suspect and a thin line of betrayal looms at every turn.
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The Running on the Edge Series is a three-book box set. The box set includes, Silent Running (Prequel), Running Blind and Running Aces.
Lisette Kristensen