My Winter Family: Rose Falls Book 2 by Raleigh Ruebins


#HumpDay #WetWednesday
My Winter Family: Rose Falls Book 2
by Raleigh Ruebins
He’s a family man. I’m a 32-year-old player.
Why the hell does he want me?
At my friend’s wedding, I had one rule: I would not hook up with any of the wedding guests.
But then I met Ryan, and I broke that rule in minutes.
It’s not my fault he was hot, flirty, and practically begged me to ravish him. Our connection was instant. I don’t do relationships, though—and when I found out Ryan was keeping a huge secret from me, I vowed to never see him again.
But this town is small. Before long, Ryan was visiting the coffee shop I work in every day. Why couldn’t I stop thinking about him, stop remembering how his lips felt on me? And in the chill of winter, being with him and his 6-month-old daughter feels like home. It’s scary. And it’s so not me. But I can’t help but feel like I’ve found a family.
I moved to the small town of Rose Falls to give my baby girl the life I never had. I had no plans to start dating right away, but during my first few weeks in town, Emmett fell into my lap—in every sense of the phrase.
Emmett was exciting, adventurous, and hot —he made me feel alive again. But he hates commitment. He hates marriage. And he certainly isn’t going to settle down.
But my heart soars when I see him get along so well with my baby, cook dinner, and curl up on my couch on snowy December nights. I shouldn’t get my hopes up with Emmett. But I love how he feels wrapped in my arms, and I can’t help but want him to be a part of my family.

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