#HumpDay #WetWednesday
Book two in the Elemental Paladins series
“Why is Darius kissing my woman?” Ryker grumbled, wriggling his jaw. No doubt he was picturing returning the bruised favour to his second in command. He hadn’t allowed Max to heal the evidence of the punch. Some kind of man thing, no doubt.
Diana narrowed her eyes at the picture they both made; the sun was setting behind them and casted their bodies in a romantic silhouette as Max’s much smaller body arched into the wide, muscled frame of Darius. They looked darn good together. For the first time ever Diana felt a twinge of jealousy. Over the years she knew Darius had been with other women, just has she had been with other men. She wasn’t going to live a life of celibacy just because the man she considered perfect in every way was too dense to make a move. But right now, after having been intimate with the man, Diana felt the first stirrings of possessiveness.
“I think it’s more like Max is kissing my man.” She stated forcefully. Copyright 2016 Montana Ash. All rights reserved.
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