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Partners For The Night by Walker Frost


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Partners For The Night
by Walker Frost
Sex… Murder… And Love…
Kato Black, a handsome male escort with a solid name in the sex industry, is left beside himself after hearing that his colleague was found strangled in a motel room. Turning to the police he encounters Andrew Dole, an FBI man whose dedication to his appearance matches his thirst for justice.
But Andrew thirsts for so much more. The muscular officer detects the young escort’s attraction to him, sending their relationship into a whirlwind of sex, murder, and doubt as Kato begins to question his safety as a sex worker in a city where crime is on the rise.
Kato’s love for Andrew blossoms in their search for answers, leaving him to choose either success or security. Taking place in the middle of one of the most difficult cases yet, what results is a fast-paced, sexy thriller that will leave you on the edge of your seat, and begging for more.

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