The Two Grooms by Walker Frost


#ThrowbackThursday #ThirstyThursday
The Two Grooms
by Walker Frost
One Strike And He’s Out… For Being Out?
Beckett Sutherland has the kind of baseball career that makes most athletes jealous. He gets the sponsorships, he gets the shining media profile, and he gets the girls. As egos go, you’d think his was about to pop – but he’s a nice enough guy that he seems to get away with his swaggering confidence.
Charlie Adams, on the other hand, is just an up-and-comer. He’s worked hard since college to even get in front of the professional baseball talent scouts, and now he’s finally being offered a position on a team.
Just so happens that it’s the same team as his college room-mate, Beck Sutherland – so Charlie’s forced to wonder whether he actually earned his spot, or if his old buddy pulled a few strings. Either way, having Beck around is going to make it even harder to carve himself a spot on this team. He’s too much of a distraction… especially after a drunken night in Vegas goes badly wrong.
After all, the second the media finds out he’s gay? One strike and you’re out – for being out. Now, he’s at risk of dragging the famous Beck Sutherland down with him.
He just wishes he wasn’t so tempted to go down on him…

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