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A Wicked Night – (Creatures of Darkness 2 – A Coraline Conwell Novel) by Kiersten Fay


A Wicked Night – (Creatures of Darkness 2 – A Coraline Conwell Novel)
by Kiersten Fay
In the wake of her husband’s brutal murder, rediscovering her witchy heritage, and being mystically bonded to two vampires by blood, Coraline has been struggling against time to control her magic.
When she is possessed by a shadowy spirit and taken hostage by Knox, she must make a dark bargain with him to save both herself and Mason, but Knox may want more than she is willing to give.
Meanwhile, those who hunt her are closer than ever. At the worst possible moment, the magic of the enchanted cottage that protects them all fails, and her world erupts in chaos. A mysterious newcomer is forced into her life, and she finds her heart torn by a terrible desire.
Interview with the Author
Q – Tell us a little bit about your Creatures of Darkness series.
Creatures of Darkness is set in an alternate future where vampires have openly admitted that they exist and the world is still trying to adjust. The series follows Coraline Conwell who finds herself dropped dead-center into the largest know vampire clan. Though they claim to want to protect her, her past experience with vampires has left her terrified of their kind. Mason must not only guard her life, but earn her trust while trying to contain his intense desire for her. So yeah, fun times.
Q – What order should I read the books in?
Each book can be read in any order and the reader can still follow along, but for the full experience, I suggest the following sequence:
– A Wicked Hunger
– A Wicked Night
– A Wicked Desire
Q – So, why should readers give these books a try?
Paranormal romance fans are ravenous, and my Creatures of Darkness series hits the spot. Readers have said my world building grabs their emotions from the start and doesn’t let go. It’s a series that draws you in and makes you long for more.
Readers who enjoy dark romance, alpha males, vampires, and intricate story telling will want to take this epic journey.
Q – What inspired the world you created in Creatures of Darkness, having it take place in the future?
I’ve always been interested in sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, and mythology. I thought about the kind of romance novels I enjoy reading and what I liked about them: the idea that there could be a supernatural world within our own, veiled from sight.
I often imagine different futures and certain events might affect our world, and since I love the supernatural world, it only made sense to incorporate vampires. My futuristic world also contains witches, succubus, incubus, familiars, shifters, and many other creatures of the night.
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Creatures of Darkness series ebook Categories
– Paranormal Romance Series
– Vampire Romance
– Futuristic Romance
– Fantasy Romance Series
– Urban Fantasy
– Science Fiction & Fantasy
– Reverse Harem
– Romance with Alpha Males
– Witches & Wizards
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– Myths & Legends
– Gothic Romance

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