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Running From Disaster

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Running From Disaster by Aubrey Parr

Sunrise Runners Duology ⇢ Book 1

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There’s a predator on the loose and he’s abducting runners. Becoming more sinister with each of his victims, Gabriella Winters’ running group was not going to let fear stop them. They needed to run every morning at sunrise. Running was vital to their lives.

Just when Gabriella needed a distraction from the horrors surrounding her, Dylan Hart arrived.  He’s a walking disaster for relationships, his track record with women has proven it. Still, Gabriella couldn’t stay away. Everything about him pulled her in. Dylan wanted nothing more than to have her in his life, but he wasn’t sure how to be the man she deserved.

How can they navigate their relationship when Dylan doesn’t play by the rules? Can they survive what the world throws at them?

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