Our Dirty Little Secret


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💔❥ OUR DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS ❥💔Zane Michaelson – Author
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Life changes, rearranges.
But sometimes in the most unexpected ways.
Both Jenna and I had our own dirty little secrets, but little did we know they were about to tear our marriage apart.
Watching me play still held it’s excitement for Jenna, but what will happen when she learns, at least for one of us, emotions are involved.
💔➹~°💔 REVIEW 💔➹~°💔
First thing first wow just wow, the 1st part of this series was amazing but to finally find out what happened next is just not what your expecting.
The 2nd book is a definite must read and is very different from the 1st, but it is a true story so expect the unexpected. This book pulls you in and you really feel for all the characters to the point where you feel your part of it.
Can not wait the 3rd and final part to see what happens next, thank you to Zane and his wife for sharing this with us.
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