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Leaving Colorado (Colorado Heart Book 9) Author Sara York


Leaving Colorado (Colorado Heart Book 9)
by Author Sara York
Wild Bluff ranch may never be the same. With a new mission comes new opportunities and old enemies. Matthew, Billy, Roger, and Tanner head to Barcelona to save a kidnapped girl, but what they find may destroy the entire crew.
Mitch Anderson has trained most of the men at Wild Bluff but now he’s in danger. Someone attached a bomb to his car. Lucky for him, it didn’t explode while he was driving. Now he’s on the run with nowhere to turn. His only help is a neighbor he’s never met before.
Dex Harding hates his job guarding rich kids, but is he ready for the excitement Mitch brings into his life? Bombs, killers, and then crazy men who come to their rescue, flying them to a secret location, is too much. But Mitch is the best man he’s ever met. When Mitch and Dex are called on to help the men of Wild Bluff, they bond, but is that bond strong enough? Will he take a leap of faith, or walk away?
Tucker, Jazz, Grant, and Mike watch from the sidelines as their men fight to survive the most dangerous mission the ranch has ever endured. Experience the action as the men of Wild Bluff fight to survive.

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