Claiming His Miracle




Claiming His Miracle
by Aspen Grey​

❤ ❤ This Christmas — DON’T wrap it up! 😉 ❤ ❤

Tyler is distracted. Ever since he laid eyes on the breathtaking omega, he’s known he was the one. Is it his eyes? One blue and one green? The luscious brown curls, or the way he’s playing hard to get?

Nate has finally found a home. He’s with a new pack, after escaping the clutches of his last alpha, who held him prisoner against his will, using him for one purpose only — to give him a baby. He did, and that child, his sweet little boy, was taken away from him, and now Nate has built a set of walls around him so high that it’s unlikely he’ll ever be able to love again.

But one night, while out with his father at a meeting in Portsmouth, Tyler discovers a terrible secret, lurking in the cities underground. A black market for the ultra-rich, the elite, selling omegas like merchandise. And among them? Nate’s baby boy.

Tyler snatches the child and fights to escape, but is mortally wounded in the process. Nate manages to save him, and the two realize they are meant for each other. But Nate’s son is still out there, and Tyler vows to get him back.

Will Tyler be able to scale Nate’s emotional walls? Will Nate accept the alpha who’s been pursuing him for so long? And Will Tyler be able to find Nate’s son, and pull off a Christmas Miracle?

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