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MY REVIEW: Healing for his Omega


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TITLE: Healing for his Omega

SERIES:  The Outcast Chronicles

AUTHOR: Crista Crown & Harper B Cole

GENRE: M/M Paranormal
Print Length: 133
Publication Date: November 28,2017

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If you can’t throw your fears away, give them to me.

Widowed, pregnant, and mourning his kidnapped son, the last thing omega hawk Benjamin wants right now is a serious relationship. So he seeks comfort in the arms of the one man he doesn’t have to worry about falling in love with him.

Growing up rejected by the people who love him, it doesn’t surprise alpha mountain lion Kurt that Ben doesn’t see him as potential mate material, but he’s content to give whatever Ben will take, even if it’s just sex, and love on Ben’s little boy.

When Kurt is injured saving Ben’s life, Ben realizes how isolated he’d made himself, and how much he’d come to care for Kurt without even realizing it. But before their relationship can settle, they have to find the man who killed Ben’s mate, kidnapped his oldest son, and set fire to their house. But their enemy is more dangerous than they realized, and the lives of everyone they love are at risk.


My Review:

This is the third book of The Outcast Chronicles. They are still hunting for the lost children and the one responsible Wamp. Ben has gone through so much loss that he just wants a little connection. Ben not sure he can give his heart again after losing a mate. When Kurt hurt and brings home a surprise for Ben, there is a huge change on the horizon. You will fall in love with the characters.

This is a must-read book and series. The Grammer does need to be check before next book

Review By Virginia Lee


Book Review Virginia Lee

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