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Fallen Angel


Eden Bradley – http://amzn.to/2BT7Tz8 Haunted by a military mission that ended in tragedy, forest ranger Declan Byrne has closed his heart from everyone, including his own family. He often walks the Mendocino beaches to find peace—until the morning when the tranquility he seeks is shattered by a beautiful, ethereal woman falling from the cliffs to land at his feet.
When she awakens in the hospital, she remembers only fragments of her strange past, but as the pieces return, they make a dark, bizarre picture, one in which she has no identity at all. As she recovers from her injuries, disturbing and erotic dreams plague her, but are they missing pieces of her memory or fantasy?
Declan decides to call her Angel, and the name fits—she is all sweet innocence, mixed with the earthy sensuality of a siren. He fights his burning desire for his fallen Angel as he works to help her remember who she is. When her past catches up with her, and the horrific truth of her life is revealed, Declan must decide just what he’s willing to do to keep her safe—but can he do the most dangerous thing of all, and risk his battered heart?