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Moving On

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On: Karma is a bitch – times two. (The Ranch Series Book 2)
Moving On
Erin Lee & Chelsi Davis
Karma is a bitch times two.
Every friendship starts with a hope and a need.
It was obvious when Heather and Suzie teamed up that they’d be besties forever:
Killing is—after all—a bonding experience. And justice and karma are best friends too.
But it’s not always so simple. We’ve all been there. We know that friendships can be complicated. So what if, Heather and Suzie wondered, they left it all behind and tried to mend a relationship gone astray? Maybe, if they ran far enough, they could forget the bodies in their wake.
Or maybe not.
Welcome, karma:
We’ve been waiting for you. Because moving on? Well that’s complicated…
Especially when all trust is gone and that’s the least of your problems.
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