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TITLE: llno

SERIES: Beyond the Veil

AUTHOR: Toby Aden

Print Length: 83
Publication Date: May 18 2017

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Ilno, a prince of the Water Kingdom, has given up on finding his mate, becoming jaded and keeping his heart locked safely away where it cannot be touched. With his cousin Radisq long gone to live with his mate, he feels more lonely than ever, having so much love to give but no one of his own to give it to. Ciran, the fourth prince of the Earth Kingdom, is a born wanderer. Leaving home immediately after his hundredth year coming out celebration, Ciran embraced his nature and dream of exploring every nook and cranny of their realm. With the intrigue and draw of new cultures and ways of life, Ciran got sucked into it, unable to resist going back for more. This was why it came as a surprise to him when, for the first time, after being away from home for so long, he began to get homesick. As far as first meetings went, Ilno and Ciran’s was a total and complete disaster, with both having wrong impressions of the other and leaving in a huff. As the misunderstandings keep piling up, will they ever be able to resolve the misconceptions they have of each other?


My Review:

This is the third book in Beyond the Veil Series. This is about llno and he finally meets his mate. Of course, things start off in a crazy way. The chemistry between the characters will draw you into the story. Can’t wait for the next book in the series and whom will it be. Highly recommend this series

Review By Virginia Lee


Book Review Virginia Lee

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