MY REVIEW: Omegas Rising


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TITLE: Omega Rising

SERIES:  The Silver Blade

AUTHOR: Bella Mannaro

Print Length: 118
Publication Date: 11/21/2017

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After being rescued from Athena, the Lycans are taken to the Infirmary.  All have suffered memory loss but one thing is certain, they were all experimented on and all have been permanently altered.  Levi suffers from the worst memory loss, forgetting that he is a Lycan and having difficulty coping with his imminent delivery.  Duncan suffers from the least damage but demands to be released from Silver Blade immediately.  The other Lycans soon discover their packs refuse to accept them back because of their new status as breedable Omega males.
Sterling offers them a place within the Wolf Run pack, however, accepting Sterling as their Alpha poses challenges to some of them.
Sterling continues his hunt for the answers regarding Athena’s driving force.
Munson’s mission is to discover Athena’s weaknesses and learn how to stop its mission. His investigation reveals potential traitors in their midst and offers a drastic solution to handle them.
Athena’s mysteries and motivations are revealed.   Sterling questions have shocking answers that send all of them spiraling into danger and chaos.  Radical changes await the Wolf Run pack threatening to destroy it.


My Review:

This is the fourth book in the Silver Blade series. You need to read them in order to have a full understanding of the story and the struggles they are facing as a pack.  Sterling is the pack Alpha and with the rescue, there are some issues along the way. You are drawn to the story and can’t wait to see what happens next. What will happen when the pack have to accept what is happening

Highly recommend this book and series

Review By Virginia Lee


Book Review Virginia Lee

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