Noble Explosion


Cree Nations Author
Noble Explosion
The explosion rocked the ground as debris from the building filled the air and shot out into the crowd like missiles.
They heard that all too familiar sound, the hard hammering of the Apache helicopter, the rapid fire from the weapons rang out, people began to fall, others began to run.
There were those that went rushing toward the wounded, running into the line of fire.
‘Motherfucking sonsofbitches, motherfucker,Fuck-this-shit’, Zachariah Stone repeated to himself as he ran toward the fallen building.
His family was in that fucking heap that was the Montana County Courthouse.
‘Fuck, fuck, fuck’, What the hell is happening? This isn’t a war zone, this is his hometown.
He started throwing huge stones and grabbing beams like they were Tonka toys,”Just be still, let me get this fucking shit off you”, Zach said gritting his teeth.
“Goddamnit Noble what the fuck is happening ?” They began to move further into the building,
“Appears some motherfuckingsonsofbitches have declared war on us”,
“Then I reckon it’s a good day to die”,
“Indeed “, Noble replied
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