Winter's Kiss by J.P. Uvalle

Introduction to the series.
Welcome to lower Lunaton, on the border of Lunaton woods. The little British countryside town where the crop circle on the way in gives you heed; the inhabitants may not be what they seem.
By the dark of night, it’s not only the moon that comes out to play. There’s many a creature living alongside you, so expect the unexpected. Growls, howls, the patter or paws, the beating of wings, maybe a conversation with a little more bite than bark. A place of magic, or is that just a myth?
There’s always something going on in the little town, and sometimes it’s not so friendly. When the moon is high, and the day is over, stay out of the woods. Just a gentle warning, you don’t want to disturb the locals at play. You could get more than you bargained for?
Pull up a chair and rest your feet, you may be here a while. After all, most have been here more than a lifetime, well, a human one any way.
Heated shifter romance
Catch up with what’s going on in Lunaton.
Moon Sworn Book 1 :-
Bound by The Moon Book 2 :-
Fire in The Moon Book 3 :-
Light up The Moon Book 4 :-
Magic in The Moon Book 5 :-
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